Lunch and take away menu

Available 7 days a week

Vegetable curry – fried tofu on steamed rice, V, 12- 

Chicken curry – vegetable curry w crispy chicken, 15-
Salmon curry – vegetable curry w grilled salmon, 17-


Tofu teriyaki don, GF avail 14- 

Chicken teriyaki don, GF avail 15-

Salmon teriyaki don, GF avail 17-

Pork don 16- 

Beef don, GF avail 16-   

Bento Box 17-
Gyoza, spring roll, teriyaki chicken on steamed rice, with tempura vegetables,
kaiso salad & miso

Yama Vego Bento  17-

Gyoza, spring roll, teriyaki tofu, steamed rice, tempura  17- V, VN  vegetables, kaiso salad & green tea  

Noodle Soups - Soba OR Udon

Seafood -  noodles in dashi soup with prawn, mussel, calamari and scallop  14- 

Tempura - noodles in a dashi broth with crispy prawn and chicken 14-   

Kisune -  noodles in dashi soup with tofu, inari, shitake and wakame V 12-

Salmon Sashimi 15-

Gyoza - deep fried dumplings pork or veg with dipping sauce 7--   

Edamame - salted soy beans 4-

Please let our staff know if you require Gluten Free or Vegan meals   

A 15% surcharge applies on public holidays 

Menu is subject to change